Aspire Power Supply

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19V 4.74A For acer aspire AC Adapter Charger

Specification:Brand NEW

Warranty: 1 YEAR Model:PA-1650-02

Input: 100-240V ~ 1.8A 50-60 Hz

Output: AC 19V 4.74A

Connecter size:5.5mm*1.7mm

Power: 90W

Color: Black

Package Include: For acer 19V 4.74A 90W AC ADAPTER CHARGER (NO CORD)

Please make sure the output and the connector is what you need ,thank you !

Compatible Model:

E1-571G E1-531 M5-581G M3-581 TMP243 TMP643 TM8481 TM8473 TMP633TM4750 TM6595 TM8472G-372G32Mnkk T6492 V3-571G V3-771
V5-571G V3-571G V3-551G V5-551G V5-571P V5-531P V3-731 V5-531G

For Aspire(3750ZG/G 3830T/TG 3810T/TZG/TZ 3820TG/TZG 3935)
For Aspire(4750 4752 4830TG 4741 4930 4755G 4738G 4250 4352G 4739Z 4745 4560G 4935G 4736 4350G 4920 4749 4552G 4738ZG 4535 4810T 4820 4330 4630 4730ZG 4720ZG 4743 4740G 4551G 4735ZG 4520 4925G 4530 4937 4730 4735Z 4540 4530 4520 4733Z 4520 4625G 4253 4720 4732Z 4720G 4720Z 4730 4120 4720 4220 4315 4320 4710 4310 4710G 4710ZG 4710Z 4720G 4620 4330 4220 )

For Aspire(5750 5755G 5560G 5830 5742G 5950G 5552G 5745G 5951G 5943G 5530G 5930G 5820T 529 5740 5935G 5720 5942 5530G 5738 5553G 5741 5520G 5920 5810 5536 5542 5310 5052 520 5520)
For Aspire(6930 6530G 6935 6293 6920 6252 6292 6231 6592 620 630)
For Aspire(7750G 7739Z 7560G 7741 7745G 7720)

Dear friend, If you need the power cord,you can click below:


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Additional information

Brand Name:




Compatible Brand:

For Acer

Plug Type:


Model Number:

19V 4.74A

Output Current:


Output Voltage:





AC 19V 4.74A


100-240V 50-60 Hz

Connecter Size:



1 Year






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